Molex Mirror Mezz Pro Selected by OCP as Standard High Speed Board-to-Board Connector

In 2009, Facebook set out to optimize its data center to better meet consumer demand. So the company assembled a small team to create the world's most efficient data center, which was able to increase energy efficiency by 38 percent while reducing operating costs by 24 percent.
Facebook made the designs public in 2011, then partnered with the likes of Intel and Goldman Sachs to help launch the Open Compute Project (OCP). For the past decade, OCP has been working on a collaborative open source software environment that replicates computer hardware, where cross-functional engineering teams create reference designs to accelerate the pace of innovation in the data center.
Today, more than 200 companies, including Molex, join the OCP community to solve difficult and unique challenges, apply a broader perspective to rapidly innovate, and ultimately make hyperscale infrastructure more efficient, flexible, and scalable.

Innovative Mirror Mezz Connector

The Molex Mirror Mezz connector is a hermaphroditic interface, which means the connector can mate with itself, reducing parts count, simplifying bill of materials and integrating supply chain efforts.

Mirror Mezz connectors are small but powerful: with innovative design features to improve reliability and maintain high-speed signal integrity.

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